Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wedding slide show

Here's a link to my wedding portfolio done as a slide show. It is set to "Divide Me" by Kalai off his album Acoustacism. Hope you enjoy.


Marina 11:44 AM  

gorgeous shots Adam!!! you really have the beach thing nailed. :)


Alex E 2:20 PM  

what is the song name in the slide show?

good shots

Regards From Mexico

chelsea 4:58 PM  

Looking at the slide show makes me sad because I wish we would have flown you here to do our wedding, but I didn't even think of that :( I love the picture.

adam 1:36 PM  

The song on the slide show is Divide Me by Kalai of the album Acoustacism. I love everything this guy does. He should be really famous.

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