Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fine Art Give away

Update:  Contest is all wrapped up now.  Thanks to all who participated.  If you were able to post a comment then you are one of the winners.  Email me (mail at and tell me what 11x14 print you want and where you want it sent to.  Thanks!!  

I know it's a little late for Christmas but I have decided to to do a fine art giveaway. The first 20 people to write up a blog post and link to my website ( will receive an 11x14 art print of their choice.

You can take a look at the art on my website or watch for new fine art images appearing weekly here on the blog. The prints printed on 11x14 watercolor paper. The prints are bordered with with 2.25 inches or white space for 6.5x9.5 images size. Perfect for a 2 inch matte in an 11x14 frame or just slip them right into the frame with the watercolor paper creating their own matte. If you like you can upgrade to a panoramic images or larger size with a minimal cost to cover the shipping and materials.



mmm... 3:28 PM  

hi adam, this is melanie matthews, you took our wedding photos a little over a year ago, and we loved working with you so much that i have continued following your blog. i noticed this post and was very excited about your offer. many people have commented on our wedding photos so i thought this would be a great opportunity to link your website to my blog. check it out at:

Anonymous 3:58 PM  

I found your site through your sister Sienna. You have beautiful photography! I posted :)

silverhartgirl 9:03 PM  

I linked you on my blog.

adam 9:14 PM  

Thanks everybody . . . Don't forget to send me your mailing address and the name of the print you want to

noelle 10:19 PM  

i linked to you on my facebook, does that count? :)

Apt #6 10:34 PM  

Adam! I have your North Shore book on the shelf right next to my front door. People are always grabbing the book for a look see after they enter my home. I have always been proud to say that I know the photographer. I also posted your site on my apartment blog:!
Keep sharing photos of the family and the aiena. I love it!--Haim Nichols

valerie2350 11:00 PM  

these are beautiful!!!!
posted here:

Pamela Palmer 8:54 AM  

Hi Adam. You are so generous. I'd put that quality right up there with being a great photographer.

Joy 11:41 AM  

Dear Adam,

It is a pleasure to post about your work. Here's the address:

The Dreamer 11:55 AM  

Hello! I blogged about you here:


addeviant006 at gmail dot com

3boyzmom 2:09 PM  

Hi! I blogged about you and your site!!!

Marcos 3:28 PM  


I took the liberty of recreating your slide-show and including it in our post sort of like a widget.

If you are interested I can send you the file if you want it as a way to advertise your site.

Here is the post:

Kaity 10:38 PM  

I did it!!! I hope I count even though we're related.

Rileigh Anne 10:49 PM  

Hi Adam
I am friends with Kaity. I am over at her house all the time and so jealous of your work. You have really captured the beauty and feelings you get from Hawaii. I would LOVE a print to hang in our home as well. We love Hawaii and your pictures make us feel like we are back again


Anonymous 11:45 AM  

I was checking out your photos for my cousin who is getting married soon! Your work is beautiful and I am excited to see what you will do for their big day!

oliver 12:27 PM  

Hey Adam, how's everything going? We are loving your pictures from our wedding. Posted a link to your website on my facebook.

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy 7:02 PM  

Thanks Adam. We love the pictures. We linked you on our blog.

Donna 10:24 PM  

I blogged about your photography. It is really nice.

Believer 1964 11:41 PM  

Awesome giveaway! Thanks, I've blogged about it.

matt 5:48 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
laurie377 5:52 AM  

Hey Adam. I still come back to check out your site to see what new work you've added. I'm so glad you were our wedding photographer. I've linked you to my facebook account.

Chelsea 8:12 PM  

Hey Adam,

I saw Kaity's posting, so I had my sister post a message on her blog:

So, did we make the cut? Hope all is well..

shootz :)

Chelsea Suafoa

adam 12:10 PM  

Just another quick reminder-- everyone who posted here is a winner. All you have to to to get your free print is tell me what 11x14 print you want and where you wanted it sent to. Thanks!!

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